Beyond the résumé

A classic sundae calls for complementary ice cream flavors (and no shortage of sprinkles)—and in the same way, my career as a creative often calls for the varied, yet complementary skills and lessons I’ve gleaned from working in marketing, advertising, and even journalism.

While my path hasn't been linear, it’s given me a broader, more compassionate perspective and an immutable sense of curiosity. Both have connected me to individuals and groups across industries and oceans.

I currently call California home, but my work is not exclusive to the Golden State. I was one of eight copywriters invited to participate in's first all-female hackathon in Amsterdam, where my team placed first in the competition; a year later, I trained an all-female team of writers in Tanzania in October 2018 on behalf of DreamLink Africa and DreamStart Labs, an organization dedicated to entrepreneurial empowerment for women. And in March 2019, I led a weeklong multimedia content collection project in the Peruvian Andes, as part of a National Geographic Explorer grant-funded project that focuses on hypoxia in high-altitude areas of the world.

Today, I work full-time at Dexcom, where I was hired as its first Copywriting Manager, and continue to take on freelance writing and multimedia projects outside of the office. It all makes for one hell of a sundae, and I’m savoring every bite of it.

"So dependable and an ace writer! Absolutely taken with the quality of her writing – good depth, consumer detailed, articulate and thoughtful – and her research skills are incredible. It’s a pleasure to work with her."

- Mimi Klingsat | Owner, One Big Broadcast
"Probably the best experience I've ever had working with a freelance writer. She was extremely prompt in in her communication and read through my detailed instructions. And let's not forget about the main thing: Article Quality. It was an amazing piece of content. I will be back for sure."

- Robert Atkinson | Owner, Curious Mindset Media
"Great communication and delivery. Brings a lot of creativity to the table - looking forward to working together again."

- Deborah Engel | Business Owner
"I got to know Elysia as a very passionate and enthusiastic copywriter. She is clear and effective in her communication, which really helped her in working together in a cross-functional team. Elysia even came up with the winning idea [and] presented the idea in a great way...analytical, curious and a great copywriter."

- Robin Priems | Sr. Technology Recruiter,
"She had no problems asking for clarification if it was needed, and always worked to ensure that we were putting out the best work. You could always count on her to make sure that something was completed. She was really a joy to work with and I would highly recommend her to any team!"

- Sarah Kuntsal | Director of Marketing, Veyo Logistics
"I was not only impressed with Elysia's immense knowledge base of marketing strategies and plans, but her ability to customize a marketing plan and provide targeted, engaging copy...Her professionalism, hard work ethic, patience and precise communication set her far above any clients we'd worked with previously."

- Emily Jauchen | Former Academy Manager, Paragon Academy
"She has a rare ability to see through the noise and capture stories that connect with readers in a profound way...Over the course of my career as a CMO and CEO, I've worked with many talented marketing professionals and have a high bar for what I consider good writing. Elysia meets and exceeds that bar."

- Wes Wasson | CEO and Co-Founder, DreamStart Labs