A key element of the Dexcom G6 Pro Continuous Glucose Monitoring (CGM) System campaign launch was the hero video, which acted as many viewers' introduction to the product and a mechanism to build anticipation and pre-order sales. In addition to showing the Dexcom G6 Pro components, the video also encompasses its primary features and benefits that differentiate it from other professional CGM systems on the market; the video also includes testimonials from three healthcare providers.

For this video and the overarching Dexcom G6 Pro campaign, I adopted a dual creative-producer role that allowed me to lead and advise on content, logistics, and strategy. I vetted, reached out to, and confirmed the three healthcare providers who were included in the video and other Dexcom G6 Pro campaign deliverables, while also supporting the script and storyboard development and refinement.

Since I also wrote the main campaign tagline and other messaging woven through campaign materials, I also liaised with necessary medical affairs, legal, and regulatory affairs stakeholders to ensure that the content was consistent with other campaign assets.

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